Retail and eCommerce

Retail & eCommerce

Online shopping has created a new business paradigm over traditional retail and enterprises have to adopt new business models to be competitive. As buyers are looking for a new experience; enterprises need to re-created store experience to interest shoppers and build greater involvement. And all this has to be done with a combination of the traditional retail and the electronic media for increasing revenue and creating customer loyalty.

BSPL uses its retail knowledge, technology skills and domain capability to open up new business possibilities to build retail customer loyalty and buying experience. Through personalization, structured applications, mobility enablement and integrated BI and CRM, we help the retail enterprises to enhance the shopper’s experience and optimize on cost and operations.

Our contemporary industry driven application development addresses complex supply chain management, e-Commerce and store-management requirements of the retail industry. BSPL’s solutions for Retail application development focus on achieving organizational goals covering multiple technology and operations and functional areas. We analyze requirements, develop blue-prints, create the architecture, design the software and testing the software to verify that it satisfies the specified requirements.

Our services and offerings cover the following:

  • Inventory and SCM
  • e-Commerce Solutions
  • Data Analytics and Reporting
  • Technology Solutions

1. Inventory and SCM

Inventory Planning

BSPL provides expertise in application development to address forecasting and management of inventory and meeting the customers and suppliers requirements at optimized costs.

Warehouse Management

We can design and develop warehouse management application that helps you to improve productivity, reduce costs, shorten order fulfillment times, increase customer satisfaction and deliver a rapid return on investment (ROI).

Logistics and Distribution

Our application development expertise can help you to reduce operational costs, improve delivery and enhance customer satisfaction.

2. e-Commerce Solutions

e-Commerce Sites

Our teams have developed e-commerce applications that enable retailers to manage transactions where anybody can logon to your website and buy from your online store. Our technology driven advanced web store applications could be integrated with multiple applications like F&A, CRM, inventory, SCM.

Our bespoke store application can enable enterprises to optimize processes, build loyalty and analyze customer data through interactive online shopping experience. We have the expertise to build customized solutions that also add functionality to shop online using mobile phones, enabling you e-commerce websites to turn into an effective m-commerce application.

3. Data Analytics and Reporting

MIS and Decision Support
Applications developed by our Data and MIS experts can help you optimize the analytical reporting initiatives comprising of market mapping, supplier analyses, competitors tracking and clients data. Our applications create BI routines and data checking, leading to identification of business opportunities.

BI and Analytics
BSPL’s BI and Analytics services for the retail segment focuses on transition from technology solutions to business outcomes and deliver enhanced automation, improved efficiency and planned scalability.

4. Technology Solutions

Testing & Validation
BSPL’s Testing and QA services address the complete software development cycle – making sure that any agreed-upon standards and procedures are followed and anomalies addressed.
Our outsourced testing solutions enable clients with cost savings supported by optimized processes, contemporary tools and technical resources. Our Testing and QA can replicate the client’s infrastructure and combine our skilled resources for rapid realization of outcome.

Retail Mobility
Our services address business needs arising out of the application development needs on mobile devices across the retail landscape. BSPL creates innovative solutions by anticipating customer’s need, understanding buying behavior, enhancing consumer shopping experience, and providing achieve high performance mobile applications.


  • Our retail solution expertise and technology knowledge provides true value to the clients
  • Our experts have extensive knowledge and experience in the retail sector:
    • Supply and demand chain
    • Multiple distribution channels
    • Iterative application development
    • New age solutions for retailers on Mobile, CRM and BI


  • Our retail domain team builds your competitive advantage by improving your time to market through high breed applications specially designed for the Retail Domain
  • We help enhance productivity, performance and profitability of our retail clients by working In partnership with their technology and , functional and business teams
  • Our fundamental business model is pivoted around costs savings and higher ROI on your application development
  • We develop applications that enable our clients to generate new business, serve customers more effectively and make their workforce more productive
  • Our Technology CoE provides you with the right domain and industry expert for developing the retail solution blue-print
  • Our international experience and multi-national presence enables us to support our clients across the globe


how can we help you?

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We were helped in delivering software applications that were tailored to our customer’s needs. Their flexible attitude makes them very easy to work with. They deliver upon expectations, consistently within time and budget.”

Joost Hoppenbrouwers
Head of Services, BEQOM

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