Keeping in mind that the Hospitality industry is business dependent on the quality of its customer experience, BSPL has combined application of technology along with the dynamic business challenges to carve out its offerings. Our understanding of the evolving needs of the industry becomes the fundamental when we partner with our clients to derive optimum value from our technology based solutions.

Our technology centers of excellence have worked with our domain experts to create offering to address the following:

  • Location based guest relations
  • Mobility driven Self Service for guests
  • Mobile Solutions for Operations, Workforce and HR
  • Digital and e-media based CRM and customer experience enhancement
  • Analyze customer data to augment customer management and decision process

Our solutions primarily aim at building the customer base, enhancing customer experience, optimizing operations and resource management for the hospitality industry.


To help our hospitality customers build competitive advantage across key performance areas, BSPL has the expertise to developed applications and solution frameworks addressing specific functionalities and requirements of the hospitality industry. By mapping processes to applications, systems and databases and optimizing cost, we help our customers in maximizing ROI.

Keeping pace with the continuous changes in the hospitality industry that has created new business and operations models, BSPL’s hospitality offerings are focused on the concept of providing contemporary and new age business applications based on smart technologies and innovations.

Our offerings for the hospitality industry are:

1. Optimize Operations

2. Engage Customers

3. Enable Mobility

4. BI & Analytics

1. Optimize Operations

Our technology and domain expertise help is providing custom built applications addressing:

Inventory Management – Our customized applications eliminate manual based inventory control with an automated process that can reduce the time taken for physical inventory counts.

Planning and Scheduling- Create greater operational visibility and control on the complex material requirements of both single and multiple site businesses with our customized applications.

Fleet Management – Reduce operational expenses and overall transportation cost and schedule the vehicle route and optimize its usage.

Booking Engines – Our application development for booking engines perform optimally for booking tickets, hotels and cars with the ability to be integrated with your websites and portals. We also have the capability to develop mobile booking engines enabling mobile users to search and make reservations.

Workforce Management – We develop applications for workforce management enabling enterprises to improve service value, grow revenues, reduce costs, comply with legal responsibilities and improve management control.

2. Engage Customers

To help you manage, engage and analyze customer and data better, our applications and services address several key areas covering:

POS Solutions – BSPL has skills to develop POS applications targeting key segments in hospitality; restaurant and entertainment building efficiency of your operation and overall profitability. Our location independent mobile and web-based POS solution gives access to real time data for quicker decision making.

Check-in Solutions – We build self-service applications for check-in, check-out and interactive functions to enhance the guest experience at your property.

Branding and Communication – We offer a wide range of services as an outsourced creative and communications partner delivering online/ offline content covering print, digital media, mobility comprising of brochures, catalogues, Web etc.

3. Enable Mobility

BSPL’s mobile solution development offers many benefits and new ways for hospitality clients to interact with guests who carry wireless smartphones or tablets.

Indoor location-based services – BSPL’s mobile location based application development provides way-finding capabilities for guests helping them with directions and information to navigate throughout the property. We can also develop applications that provide information to deliver personalized services to guests. Our application could address:

  • Targeted location-based messaging – location based personalized to guest’s smartphone or tablet
  • Application Integration – applications Integrated with Social Media for more services and better guest experience
  • Advance Analytics – applications to provide visibility and analytics into guest flow and guest experience

Business Analytics – We can create solutions to study and analyze guest movement in the property in social groups in public spaces or in amenity areas.

Mobile Work force management – Our teams can develop customized mobile workforce management application for end-to-end mobile workforce management, delivering planned forecasting, scheduling, dispatch and reporting.

Mobile Guest Experience Solutions- Our domain experts can create end-to-end guest experience application that helps you increase your profitability, enhance operational efficiency and provide guests an improved user experience.

4. BI & Analytics

The hospitality industry, generates reams of data from multiple systems across front, middle and back office operations. The business intelligence applications created by businesses in this industry include applications that enable revenue management, guest profitability, guest satisfaction, market analytics, customer segmentation and campaign management.

What do we do?

Operational Analytics: To enable stakeholders to make better decisions by giving them reporting structures.

Advanced Analytics: To understand ongoing trends and figuring out the right trend to invest in by using regression and correlation analyses.

Predictive Analytics: To determine “what next”. This allows us to make adjustments as we go forward based on insights gathered through econometrics; guests’ purchasing and stay behaviors.


  • Industry and enterprise: Experience of working with clients in hospitality as a vendor providing enterprise and mobile enabled business applications
  • Online and mobile business: Capability in developing full suite of new media and mobile applications, that help you manage the online and digital guest experience, improve guest service and enhance business profitability
  • New business models: We create customized solutions that help our clients to implement collaborations internally and externally through our new media and mobile applications creating new business channels and revenue models
  • Business Intelligence and data: We have industry experts who are involved in helping clients build competitive differentiation with quick and easy access to data and analytics through our BI and data diagnostic applications


  • Our flexible approach enabling bespoke applications, integration, implementation and customization meet the specific needs of each client
  • As a business fundamental, we respond quickly to any client situation, reducing business down time for any critical activities
  • Projects are carried out on the foundation of industry experience and technology capability and cover a broad range of operational areas
  • We have built appropriate domain experts who can apply their industry and solution expertise to a client project that enables quicker prototypes, faster application development and implementation
  • Our solutions help you enhance guest experience and increase work-force efficiency and productivity while lower your operating costs
  • Our solution and domain experts map out current and future business requirements leveraging your existing technology investments while paving the way for new capabilities as they become available
  • Our solutions give you integration and collaboration capabilities using new age technologies like mobility, digital media, voice and video calls, instant messaging.


how can we help you?

Contact us at the BSPL office nearest to you or submit a business inquiry online.

We were helped in delivering software applications that were tailored to our customer’s needs. Their flexible attitude makes them very easy to work with. They deliver upon expectations, consistently within time and budget.”

Joost Hoppenbrouwers
Head of Services, BEQOM

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