ZexaQUEST - BI & Analytics

BSPL  has extensive experience in analysing multi-source complex enterprise data and creating reports and dashboards with rich business intelligence that can be used to drive decisions.

Our BI & Analytics solution, ZexaQuest delivers customized solutions that are designed to accommodate each client’s unique goals and requirements.  Our solution enable clients to manage their data and use it to make informed IT and business decisions.

By leveraging products like Qlik, Tableaux, and Power BI, ZexaQuest, makes data analysis relevant, identify areas of focus and come out with results that optimizes your corporate performance.

Our solution has been used by the world’s largest corporate entities to build solutions to some of their most challenging business problems. And with that we combine our technical experience built on multiple engagements and our highly skilled BI & Analytics experts who are trained on multiple technologies,

Our Solution Focus:

Customer & Sales Performance Business Model Analysis Regulatory Submissions
Profit Analysis Scenario Modelling Pricing Rating Analysis
Branch Performance Profitability Attribution Claims Management & Analytics
Credit Pipeline Analysis Retail Analytics Customer & Supply chain Analysis

Assessment & Planning

BSPL’s Analytics and Business Intelligence solution, ZexaQuest starts with Project Planning, to define requirements, objectives and strategies. We believe realizing an expected outcome and ROI is far more important than technology. We put in place the right strategy the right people, processes, data and cultures to help you achieve your goals of growth, forecasting, planning and optimization.

Data Visualization

ZexaQuest’s Data Visualization makes your data meaningful and effective — enabling you to find answers to your queries that empowers your organisation to increase sales, grow customers, build efficiency, create new products, and analyse competition. Our data visualization Includes:

  • KPI Development
  • Scorecards and Performance Displays
  • Dashboard Design and Development

Data Analysis

ZexaQuest along with Qlik, Tableaux or Power BI make your data meaningful by applying domain, technical and creative resources and reveal the patterns, underlying details and road-map to enable decision making and forecasting. We utilize our domain capabilities to transition to the role of Data Scientist. Our Data Scientists creates solutions for data to be utilized for business success. Data Analysis includes:

  • Data Interpretation
  • Scenario Modelling
  • Predictive and Prescriptive Analysis
  • Segmentation Analysis

Enterprise Performance Management (EPM)

ZexaQuest helps you to track progress and make analytical benchmarking against plans, budgets or forecast. Our solution delivers customized solutions, upgrades, data extraction and real-time integration and reporting.

How do we deliver Outcome and ROI?

Our Resources

Without the right technical IT expertise and BI experience, understanding the business requirements and implementing the ideal approach is not possible. BSPL has honed the right technical resources skilled in our focused industries, possesses BI experience along with a consultative approach to our engagement.

Our Processes

BSPL leverages iterative and Agile methodologies, perfect tools like Qlik and best to deliver the desired outcome at the right price. Through our automation set-up, we can shorten time to market and ensure deliverables align with business requirements.

Our Expertise

With our knowledge on Qlik, Power BI and automated implementation methodologies, we bring deep expertise across the spectrum of BI and EPM solutions. Apart from that, we also have a wealth of proven experience implementing, tuning and analysis for large enterprises in Telecom, Travel & Hospitality and Finance.

Our Scalability

As a global technology service and solutions specialist, we have the ability to source high-quality BI talents. With years of IT resource allocation experience, we use our time-tested sourcing strategies to source and retain specific skilled talents and scale the workforce both onsite and offshore to serve our clients’ evolving needs.

how can we help you?

Contact us at the BSPL office nearest to you or submit a business inquiry online.

We were helped in delivering software applications that were tailored to our customer’s needs. Their flexible attitude makes them very easy to work with. They deliver upon expectations, consistently within time and budget.”

Joost Hoppenbrouwers
Head of Services, BEQOM

ZexaLAB - Extended Team

ZexaLab is a unique cost-effective model to extend your team with our dual shore set-up of dedicated software developers, designers & QA specialist plus complete infrastructure without the cost of direct hiring.

BSPL inducts and manages a team of talented technology professionals to meet its client’s specific technology and product development objectives. The team works as an extension of your product or technology delivery team and is seamlessly integrated into your development workflow and process. We call this ZexaLab.

BSPL is experienced in building and managing teams of multiple sizes and varied skill base.

In ZexaLab we dedicate a team of multi-skilled resources organised to meet our clients’ varying application development, testing, and maintenance needs. The resources are trained and managed by BSPL at its world-class development centers. This model is best suited for long-term partnerships for significant ongoing development and maintenance work.

We offer a fixed-price or cost-plus pricing model. Our success comes from our matured processes like Agile and DevOps plus the efficiency pf our world-class scrum tool, Quickscrum. This ensures in predictability, productivity, code quality and transparency. At BSPL, we can also operate under the build-operate-transfer (BOT) model.

What ZexaLab can do

  • ZexaLab can integrate with any stage of the product or application life cycle
  • New Product Development – concept to design, development & deployment
  • Product Modernization – migration to new, scalable technology platforms
  • Mobile Enablement – Native, Hybrid and Cross-platform application development,
  • Product Enhancements – features, functionality, and usability enhancement
  • Quality Engineering – verification and validation
  • Product Support & Maintenance – Release, management, change management etc

ZexaLab Set-Up Process

ZexaLab is created by providing the high-quality communication system, latest IT infrastructure and support with highly skilled and proficient team of technology professionals to handle software projects of any complexity, scale or domain.

Benefits of ZexaLab

Over of 40-50 % of cost savings as compared to the onsite development team model
We provide a combination of onsite and offshore resource model to create a lower blended rate
More than 10 years of product and applications development experience with domain knowledge in multiple areas
Matured Agile processes along with our world-class scrum tool, Quickscrum to achieve continuous delivery, increased predictability of releases, and control over the code quality.
Long-term flexible engagement leading to amalgamation of tools, processes and best practices of BSPL and client
Knowledge retention to enhance the use of technologies and domains in practice

Why is ZexaLab Unique

Transparency and Collaboration:

Fostering transparency, communication & collaboration with seamless integration of the offshore with the client team.

Established and proven set:

ZexaLab is a model that has 6+ years of track-record of successful client engagements for global companies.

Deployment across Time Zone

Our engagement is based on, “Follow The Sun”, Our resources integrate with your team on your time zone.

Globally Acclaimed Best Practices

Our Scrum based product & Agile environment plus DevOps creates the best practice for offshore application development.

Technology and Domain Expertise

From Microsoft, Java to the widest range of Open Source, our technology capabilities span across multiple segments.

Data Security and Confidentiality

Data security and confidentiality is part of the ISMS process implemented in all ZexaLab development centres.

Stability and Reliability

Our long-term customer relationships & feedback speaks volumes about our stability and reliability.

Comprehensive Services & Solutions 

At ZexaLab, you can choose your tech engagement from a broad range of IT Services & Solutions that we offer.
how can we help you?

Contact us at the BSPL office nearest to you or submit a business inquiry online.

We were helped in delivering software applications that were tailored to our customer’s needs. Their flexible attitude makes them very easy to work with. They deliver upon expectations, consistently within time and budget.”

Joost Hoppenbrouwers
Head of Services, BEQOM

ZexASSURE - Test & Validate

ZexAssure is a specialised Testing and Validation solution of BSPL. We offer innovative processes and methodologies of Testing and combining our technology and domain knowledge to deliver the highest order of quality assurance.

Leveraging holistic knowledge of core business processes and software development, our comprehensive suite of testing services covers Functional and Non-Functional testing, Professional Expertise in Cloud and Mobile Technology. Our customer-centered approach assists enterprises in thriving in ever advancing market through breakthrough solutions.

Functional Testing

Functional testing is considered to be an indispensable part of all business projects – be it new, large and long-duration engagements. Thus, companies would need to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of functional testing by optimizing it towards delivering the best results.

Mobile, Agile and Cloud present continuous challenges to QA, but without tools and processes updates, testing teams find their maintenance costs go up effectiveness goes down and their credibility diminishes fast.

Our Functional Test Services

BSPL’s functional testing helps in

  • Classifying requirements – What you expect from your software application?

  • Creation of input data – Following functional specifications set by project objectives

  • Analysis – Scrutiny and review of actual findings in line with results expected

  • Measurement – Figuring out output in conformance with requirements

  • Test Execution – Carrying out test cases

Our solution comprises of:

Functional Test Case Generator

Our Functional Test Case Generator addresses risk and reduces test planning effort with optimization of time and cost. BSPL provide pre-built, easy-to-customize environments and ensure that the test cases are available at an early stage.

Regression Testing

BSPL’s regression testing service offers industry bench-marked methods and processes. Our creative approach helps to identify critical functionalities, as the application moves from one release to the next. Our solutions determine cut-off points in testing to prioritize and set correct sequences of the regression test suite for performance optimization while being cost-effective.

Test Automation

BSPL provides advanced capability in Test Automation field by the approach we take in establishing a quality foundation that is centered around proven best practices for testing. We thoroughly analyze your existing test strategy, process, and framework to determine what can be re-used, instead of just replacing what you have. We calculate and track ROI to ensure you are getting the maximum value for your investment by providing a methodology for evaluating existing test cases for effectiveness of manual test cases and feasibility for automation.

Performance Testing

At BSPL, we believe performance testing is a vital component of application testing services. Poor performance affects business revenue, credibility of an organization and has a significant effect on customer satisfaction. Our performance testing and validation services blend performance testing and engineering techniques to enable business transformation of new as well as existing applications.

BSPL can help your business to grow and attract users and customers, not lose them due to unacceptable application behaviour. With our strategic approach and our expert understanding of the key performance issues, we ensure applications required by your clients for mainframe, client server, web or mobile perform efficiently.

BSPL provides a comprehensive framework for ensuring performance throughout the application life cycle and across the information delivery chain.

  • Mobile
  • SOA/web services
  • Business grade applications
  • Performance testing tool installation and configuration

As your trusted partner, BSPL will

  • Set realistic performance testing goals
  • Implement an effective application performance testing strategy
  • Interpret performance test results
  • Cope with different application technologies and architectures
  • Use automated performance testing tools
  • Test traditional local applications, web-based applications, as well as service oriented architectures (SOA) applications
  • Recognize and resolve issues that are often overlooked in performance tests

BSPL can develop a custom performance test approach for your business, identify and design the appropriate test environments, identify performance acceptance criteria, as well as design, execute, analyse and report the results of the performance tests.

Mobile Testing

Mobile Testing as a process involves a set of activities from monitoring to troubleshooting mobile applications, content and services on real handsets. Conducted on the hardware and software,

Mobile Testing also includes verification and validation of hardware devices and software applications.

BSPL is fully equipped to deliver testing services for organizations looking to introduce mobile software versions. With a solid domain expertise and experience in executing mobile, wireless, and telecom software testing projects, the organization is an ideal destination for corporates and individuals alike looking to get any mobile testing requirements underway.

We possess the expertise to provide application testing solutions for all iOS and Android mobile platforms. Our Mobile application testing services cover the latest versions of all devices in the market. What’s more, we also have the ability to create mobile application testing frameworks for multiplatform software and games.

BSPL’s Mobile Testing Portfolio

  • Experts specializing in iOS, Java ME, multi-browser applications, churning out solutions on a need per basis
  • Designing and development of test scripts, harnesses, strategies, cases
  • Round-the-clock QA and Technical support
  • Performance, stress capacity, and reliability testing
  • Interoperability and compatibility testing
  • Synchronization and data exchange testing
  • Test execution and documentation
  • Bug reports and recommendations

Usability Testing

Do not jeopardize your brand reputation with poor usability of your products and applications. This can lead to reduced customer loyalty. The application should be easy to adopt, use and navigate and meeting customer’s expectations. BSPL’s software usability testing identifies all the usability issues before the release of the product or application through an intuitive and process oriented usability testing.

Our team of Usability experts analyses your application to create a Usability Test Strategy based on the type of users, demographics, key business scenarios, etc. The team will identify a set of appropriate users, and complete an analysis of the user experience. The user behaviour and actions will be will be analysed to get deeper insights about the application’s navigation. BSPL provides a detailed Usability Analysis at the end of the exercise:

  • Average Application Usability Rating
  • Average Application Usability Rating Graph
  • Usability Ratings of different countries
  • Areas which are easy to access & areas where Improvement is required
  • Detailed comments provided by individuals
  • Post-Task Average response given by users

DevOps & Agile Testing

DevOps refer to a set of practices that emphasise the collaboration and communication of both software developers and delivery professionals while automating the process of software delivery and infrastructure changes. It aims at establishing a culture and an environment where building, testing and releasing software can happen rapidly, frequently and more reliably.

BSPL, with its matured Agile and DevOps QA practices and extensive experience of test and lifecycle automation, helps enterprises build the right QA capabilities for Agile and DevOps.

Our expertise and services

  • End to end automation expertise and solutions for testing and application lifecycle
  • Unit test automation, system and acceptance test automation, regression test automation.
  • Continuous integration and continuous delivery.
  • Continuous deployment and continuous monitoring.
  • Service virtualization solutions.

Test Lab

At BSPL solutions, our dedicated team model, ZexaLab offers comprehensive range of testing services to ensure your software works perfectly in all the situations.

We evaluate client requirements and add expertise to the testing process. At BSPL, we not only test what your software should do but also test what your software can do. In the early stages we conduct system testing and UAT testing. This way we save your money and help to keep your project on track.

We do compatibility testing to make sure that your software will perform perfectly on different operating system and devices. With this the users get a high-quality experience regardless of how they access the software. At BSPL solutions we do iOS and android testing as part of the mobility testing solutions.

Test Consultancy

BSPL provides Test consultancy into every phase of your Test Life Cycle by understanding your current test environment and QA processes. We thoroughly and systematically analyze gaps in your current processes and recommend improved Quality model and processes for your organization.

BSPL offers a broad range of solutions to meet any client’s QA/Testing requirements. The following are highlights of our QA Consulting Solutions. BSPL has the ability to work at both the tactical and strategic levels.

Our services include:

  • QA Assessment – evaluate your current QA organization to determine how
  • QA Team Outsourcing – completely take ownership of your QA organization to produce exceptional results, allowing our clients to focus on what they do best.
  • Test Strategy – create a test strategy that makes sense for your organization
  • Tool Selection – select the tools that make the most sense for your organization, implement and integrate them into your current tool infrastructure, creating a seamless flow of critical information.
  • Test Environment Management – create, maintain and manage your test environments to ensure all test environment requirements are met in an efficient and effective manner.
how can we help you?

Contact us at the BSPL office nearest to you or submit a business inquiry online.

We were helped in delivering software applications that were tailored to our customer’s needs. Their flexible attitude makes them very easy to work with. They deliver upon expectations, consistently within time and budget.”

Joost Hoppenbrouwers
Head of Services, BEQOM

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