QA & Testing

Our primary objective is to provide high quality services at very effective cost. We have placed highly automized testing process to identify functional and technical bugs at initial stage. Our QA team also provides guidelines to development team for better unit testing.

Software Functionality Testing

We specialise in system and user acceptance testing (UAT) stages of software development. Since 2010 we've conducted testing on over 100 projects - large and small. We provide manual testing and automated testing services.

  • Our unique testing method is twice or thrice as fast as compared to traditional scripted testing and eliminates unnecessary documentation.

  • We use test automation tools only for improving the efficiency of certain kinds of tests, which otherwise cannot be completed manually.

  • Our testing facilities are fully equipped to execute almost any type of project. We operate 24/7 so we can keep up working even after your working day is over.

Compatibility Testing

We carry out compatibility testing covering all software related aspects of your project. We can help to reduce operational costs and ensure your software will work in the real world.

  • Browsers checks - Carrying out compatibility tests for commonly used browsers such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Opera, AOL, and Google Chrome.

  • Plugin checks - Testing the compatibility of plugins for supporting applications like Shockwave, Flash Player, Windows Media Player, Adobe Reader, etc.

Accessibility Testing

Through accessibility testing we ensure that your website and software remain accessible to all - at all times. A good up-time results in improved user experience and increased sales - you remain accessible around the clock.

  • We carry out manual accessibility tests since they yield quicker results. Often, manual testing is our starting point for most accessibility tests.

  • We thoroughly test websites and software for all possible faults. Where required, we also use assistive technologies like screen magnifiers, screen readers, and even voice recognition software for testing purposes.

Usability Testing

Visitors landing on your website have certain expectations based upon industry norms. Usability testing ascertains that all aspects pertaining to website usage - navigation, webpage redirection, login, etc. are properly functional.

  • We can carry out usability testing on the basis of demographic profiles of target audiences, and considering various factors such as age, cultural background, profession, etc. in addition to the gender.

  • We can also test websites and software applications based upon how a particular group of individuals are likely to engage with a particular type of website or application.

Please feel free to contact us if you are looking for testing services. We would be pleased to assist you within 24 hours.

Technologies we work for


  • Highly experienced team consisting of ISVs, developers, and integrators
  • Manual and automated QA testing carried out using latest technologies
  • Testing facilities for all core technologies
  • QA facilities for both SaaS based and deployed projects
  • Dedicated QA teams for each client

Client Testimonials

"BCS has high scalability of resources which affirms quality output with technical expertise and easily approchable nature. It is indeed a good return on investment."

By Guillaume Pauchet - Liberys

"BSC has helped us delivering software applications that were tailored to our customer's needs and which had to be delivered within very challenging timeframes. Their flexible attitude makes them very easy to work with. They deliver upon expectations, consistently within time and budget."

By Joost Hoppenbrouwers - beqom

"I have really enjoyed working with Bharti software Team. Your Programmers listen well and work quickly, with Skype and in uploading changes daily to my server. It makes working on projects together much easier than any other company I have tried earlier. I have done outsourcing in the past too"

By Eric Teston - XPR IT