Become Sales Partner

What is Sales Partner?

Sales Partner is a Sole Proprietary Company or an Individual Sales Person who would like to establish their business in Western Countries.

Who can become our Sales Partner?

Person having IT services related experience and would like to be an entrepreneur.

Why to be our Sales Partner?

To become an IT entrepreneur in western countries, You have two options,

  • Establish a team locally in western countries
  • Find offshore technical partner like us

If you choose to establish company locally, you may face following issues

  • High Salary Standard in Europe
  • Difficult to scale team
  • Difficult to find right technical resources
  • Fixed Liabilities

If you choose us as a technical partner, you will have following benefits,

  • Hence BCS has presence in India, we can take benefits of lower Indian salary standard.
  • No fixed liability for you
  • Easy scalability of resources
  • Increase your profit margin

Responsibilities of Sales Partner

  • Lead Generation
  • Search Prospects
  • Negotiation
  • Close the deal

Responsibilities of BCS

BCS will be fully responsible for the execution of overall project. This includes following phases:

  • Phase 1: Requirement Gathering
  • Phase 2: Project Planning & Analysis
  • Phase 3: Architect & Design
  • Phase 4: Development
  • Phase 5: Testing & QA
  • Phase 6: Implementation
  • Phase 7: Maintenance & Support

How to become a Sales Partner?

  • Be in touch with us
  • Let us know your Target Business in IT industry
  • Analyse & Check feasibility of Partnership by verifying our internal skills to serve targeted customer
  • Hassel free contract

Please feel free to contact us if you need further information to become Sales partner. We would be pleased to assist you within 24 hours.

Technologies we work for


  • Headquarters in France
  • Offshore development in India
  • ISO 9001-2008 certified
  • 70+ Software Developers
  • 60+ products developed from scratch
  • Serves 30+ multinational companies
  • Client base across 5 continents
  • Special emphasis for start-ups
  • Own - a Scrum tool being used by 1000+ IT companies
  • Follows Scrum framework for development
  • State-of-the-art infrastructural facilities

Client Testimonials

"BCS has high scalability of resources which affirms quality output with technical expertise and easily approchable nature. It is indeed a good return on investment."

By Guillaume Pauchet - Liberys

"BSC has helped us delivering software applications that were tailored to our customer's needs and which had to be delivered within very challenging timeframes. Their flexible attitude makes them very easy to work with. They deliver upon expectations, consistently within time and budget."

By Joost Hoppenbrouwers - beqom

"I have really enjoyed working with Bharti software Team. Your Programmers listen well and work quickly, with Skype and in uploading changes daily to my server. It makes working on projects together much easier than any other company I have tried earlier. I have done outsourcing in the past too"

By Eric Teston - XPR IT